Smallthings - The Storybox Project

Design of logo and signage for live music venue, Bedford Street, Norwich.

Two hundred years ago, a hungry gypsy was caught stealing a loaf of bread, and was sentenced to time in prison. This was a common enough occurrence in those days, but this time something different was to happen. This particular prisoner had many friends, who all vowed to break him out.

The escape began at night. The gypsies snuck up to the prison under the cover of darkness, and tried to force open the doors. They pushed and strained, but the wood just wouldn’t give in to their brute strength. In desperation, they abandoned all attempts at secrecy, and set those doors alight. But they soon realised their mistake. The fire spread. It took hold in the prison building – surrounding guard and prisoner alike in flame.

When the gypsy thief realised his doom was at hand, he grew frantic, and feral. He clawed at the walls until his fingers bled, screaming incoherently. But all to no avail. He perished in the blaze that night.

Years later, another building was built over the prison’s ashes – now a simple public house. But those events still echo down through history. Tables and chairs are overturned, drinks crash to the floor, and the raking marks of fingernails appear, scratched on the walls. All the work of a frightened spirit. The panicked prisoner that gives this place its name – The Wildman.

Identity and signage for Wildman Public house, Norwich logo